Basketball Star David Johnson, Jr., AKA Iamdjjohnson, Is Leading the Way On and Off the Court

In order to be recognized for success in today’s league, a player needs to exhibit value on and off the court. Iamdjjohnson has put a considerable amount of focus on both sides. Training hard all while pursuing his studies, the young 22-year-old is today’s definition of a complete player.

With this year’s quarantine greatly impacting the nation, it has become socially acceptable to just relax and take a break from work. Iamdjjohnson has said no to this mantra, as he has continued to work harder than ever. He has high hopes that putting in the extra work will reflect positively in 2020-2021, as it will be his most important year in college before he enters the NBA draft. With professional teams watching, Iamdjjohnson is setting himself up for success with his hard work. 

Even with his dedicated grind, Iamdjjohnson has always had his academics to back him up as well. Currently, the young athlete is attending Mount Mercy University in Iowa where he will be graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Sports Management.

With both on the court and off the court covered, Iamdjjohnson is today’s ideal player. Outworking the competition on the basketball court as while keeping up with his academic excellent shows his true dedication. No matter where the young star ends up, he will have a bright future. 

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