BADCALL: Rolando Alfaro

Michelle Clark Former Contributor

Nothing happens by accident. BADCALL is a lifestyle brand that celebrates all of the wrong decisions one makes in life. The official meaning behind the name and design of the logo is too good to give away; but I can assure you it is worth hearing. Be sure to check back for our Q&A with Rolando…he might just tell us the story behind the brand!

BADCALL is a lifestyle brand, it’s a way for me to express a way of life that pushes people to be okay with mistakes they make; To live, love and grow without regret. This brand mean so much to me and that’s probably why I’ve been taking my time with every aspect about it…everything has to be just right. I started it in late 2014 and only just released my first run of hoodies to the public. I’m learning a lot about this industry and really trying to produce the best quality of products that actually stand for something.

BADCALL apparel company was founded in Kansas City by Rolando Alfaro, who is a competitive drifter and all around badcall expert. He turned a bad time in his life into something creative and productive. With limited runs, Rolando tries to keep his releases fresh and stylish. Once something sells out, that’s it!

Don’t wait and go support BADCALL apparel at www.badcall.life. Be sure to follow the brand and Rolando below!