Sole La Mente Tres Banderas shoe
Sole La Mente Tres Banderas shoe

Sneaker Designer Style With Kicks Introduces All-New “Tres Banderas” Shoe

Greg Reynoso Journalist

“These shoes represent the countries my family is from, USA, Mexico, and El Salvador”

Sneaker blogger, collector and designer Style With Kicks released his latest sneaker silhouette dubbed “Tres Banderas” via Sole La Mente, the designer’s self-launched sneaker brand. The designer’s latest release pays homage to his family roots, creatively applying the colors found on the flags of the United States, Mexico, and El Salvador. Sneaker blogger Style With Kicks says “These shoes represent the countries my family is from, USA, Mexico, and El Salvador”. Style With Kicks sat down for an interview during Episode 2 of The Linq Up with Greg Reynoso, where him and I discussed discovering your craft, his favorite brands, the importance of gratitude, and more. Since that humbling conversation, Style With Kicks has continued to follow his passion for design and sneakers. The sneaker blogger explains more about his new sneaker brand, Sole La Mente, and his latest release below.

I believe people with brands sometimes fall into the trap of only focusing on the product, not so much on their message or purpose behind it.

There is a reason many major brands thrive because of their message behind the product. 

The people will stand behind a brand solely based on their messaging. This is how brands make their mark.

At the end of the day if your product doesn’t resonate with people, then it won’t translate to having a loyal community of supporters. 

This is why “YOU” represent the brand, not the product. People relate to people not to things.

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