Crave Happy

Crave Happy President Mellisa T. Brown Shares Her Experiences Launching a Streetwear Brand

Greg Reynoso Journalist

Taking the first step towards following your aspirations is no easy step to make. Mellisa T. Brown is the President of Crave Happy, an independent streetwear brand located in Washington, DC who took that step. Crave Happy offers t-shirts, long-sleeves, premium fleece and embroidery products, investing back into in the local community to help the less fortunate while amplifying unheard voices throughout the community utilizing the Crave Happy platform. Mellisa T. Brown shares more about the brand, her process for finding what she wanted to do, and more below.

Tell us more about your clothing brand, Crave Happy.

Crave Happy is to tell a story about life experiences through art through clothing. Our products can be described as “old school with a new flare” which makes us unique. Our goal is to make products that speak to our customers’ lives. We want our apparel line and future product expansion to bring people together, take them to happy places so they can share happy experiences.

What was the process for you to find what you wanted to do?

The process came about by exploring things around my community and previous and present other jobs. I like to build on learning on new things and from growth to expand my clothing on where it’s going for the future. We are more than just a t-shirt brand. As I was a little girl I was drawing in crayons, pens, pencils. Before that it was scissors, and paper crafts. I didn’t have any direction. I used what I did have and started exploring at a young age by looking at animals, people, places around me. I didn’t know it would be into my present now as a clothing artist.

What are some of the challenges you faced along the way?

The challenges I face along the way have been dealing with packaging, sending off to fashion models with timing. Learning customers wants in the company, and timing can get away in a day if you don’t use it right. Coming up with good ideas is great because it gives other people attention. I am different. So you will see some off things on our website, social media, and more. It’s done on purpose because I am all around girl that likes to explore different tasks that don’t make sense.

What advice would you share to a fellow independent?

I want to tell an independent him/she to never give up on their dream. It is worth it in the end. Take your time and be patient.

The brand has continued to evolve and mature over the last few years, don’t miss the journey and follow Crave Happy on Instagram. You can browse the brand’s collection by visiting the Crave Happy website.