MC Barrel & Biscuit Is A Mainstay In Hiphop World

Paul Hernandez Contributor

Barrel & Biscuit has a deep rooted history culturally and politically. Coming from a modest upbringing, it was music that taught him the ropes about what it meant to make something out of nothing as well as how to fit into society. Rap was a gateway to communicate to his listeners, his life story and life lessons. High school brought about a new era in hip hop that would make the biggest impression yet on the up-and-coming emcee. While rap giants like Notorious B.I.G, Tupac, Nas, Jay-z, Busta Rhymes, DMX and similar artists taking off, there was something about Jurassic 5, Black Star, Common, A.T.C.Q., The Roots, Gang Starr and other “underground hip hop” artist/groups  that completely captivated the creative dream.

What started out as a team effort with co-label mate Martin “Biscuit” Jones, turned into an unexpected turn of events as Jones struggled and passed away from a stroke in 2001.  Barrel was devastated and took a hiatus until 2005, trying to pick up the pieces of not only his musical ambitions, but his personal life as well.  From 2006, Barrel continued to front the once collective dream as the main act and face of Barrel and Biscuit––and to this day continues to spread the good energy and golden-age era of hip-hop that Jones would of wanted.

More than just an artist, Barrel & Biscuit has consistently held fundraisers and charity events in his community. Most notable is his coat drive, which he has coordinated every fall for the past five years. He also produces a hip hop radio show with Derrick “DJ DS” Smith and Paris “W.I.P” Sims. You can hear their show, I and Eye Radio, Tuesdays from 10-midnight on the local nonprofit radio station 97.1 FM WXOX Louisville, Artxfm.com

Entering 2022, the lyrical wordsmith continues to cement his stance within the music world genre-bending over up-beat anthems that are culturally diverse, as well as looking for ways to keep his fanbase entertained from each musical release.  It’s undeniable that the celebrated artist has so much credibility under his belt and there’s no signs of him slowing down