Houseplant cubes stacked

Get Ready California, Seth Rogen’s Cannabis Brand Houseplant Launches This Week

Greg Reynoso Journalist

Prepare your lungs California, Seth Rogen’s cannabis brand Houseplant arrives in the United States as it debuts this week throughout the Golden State. Having watched most of Seth Rogen’s films time and time again there is one takeaway that is for certain, he really loves weed. That is not a bad thing, hell, I would argue that I enjoy it more than he does. Seth recently took a moment to introduce his soon to be available cannabis brand Houseplant on social media earlier this week. Cannabis is not the only type of curated fun found at Houseplant. With hand designed ash trays, desk lighters and much more, Houseplant is set to fulfill what it means to be a full offering cannabis lifestyle brand.

Personally, I find the process of trying out different cultivars that have been lung-chosen by an individual that I am a genuine fan of a special experience of its own. With only Seth’s lung-chosen favorites earning a spot on the Houseplant menu, this offers fans and cannabis lovers the opportunity to smoke and sample the cannabis selections that Seth loves. We are seeing public support for legal cannabis increasing, and with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and others announcing a push towards legislation that would end federal prohibition on marijuana, a reality may be near . A Gallup poll published in November, 2020 explained that 68% of Americans, a record high, were in favor of cannabis legalization.

With 3 lung-chosen cultivars to choose from at launch, I am excited to try out Pancake Ice for its Sativa roots and hopeful toke of terpene explosion.

Keep an eye out on the official Houseplant US Instagram for more launch information, and register for updates directly from the Houseplant family by heading over to the official Houseplant website.