K-Swiss X Lil Jupiterr - Jupiterr 3.0

Lil Jupiterr and K-Swiss Launch Third Collaboration Dubbed Jupiterr 3.0

Greg Reynoso Journalist

Lil Jupiterr and K-Swiss team up to launch their third collaboration release dubbed Jupiterr 3.0 and is available to order today, at 9 a.m. Pacific Standard Time. If this will be your first time grabbing a pair of Jupiterrs’, you will want to double check that you are checkout-ready, arriving to the queue early, and ensuring your payment method is ready to charge. The unique hand-selected colors and materials paired with classic silhouette from K-Swiss, make for a keyboard race to the confirmation screen. Lil Jupiterr collaborations with K-Swiss sell out immediately. The new Jupiterr 3.0 collaboration takes a classic silhouette from K-Swiss, the Crown 2000, and blossoms into a bright, post-normcore offering arriving as a must-have for 2021.

More About The Jupiterr 3.0’s

K-Swiss is proud to announce the third drop in our limited-edition collaboration with Lil Jupiterr, the anti-influencer and self-starting online tastemaker. Post-normcore streetwear sensibility, all hypebeast style. Little to no context in the captions — because, if you know, you know. This is Jupiterr 3.0.

Meet the Crown 2000: classic tennis styling with a clean silhouette, finished with new takes on our iconic logo trims.

This third collaboration from Lil Jupiterr and K-Swiss will be available to order today, at 9 a.m. Pacific Standard Time on the K-Swiss website. If you miss out on securing your pair of the Jupiterr 3.0’s, expect to find them on reseller platforms at a rightful premium.

K-Swiss X Lil Jupiterr - Jupiterr 3.0
Release Date
January 29, 2021
Jupiterr 3.0