Crafted in LA by DEJAVITA

Greg Reynoso Journalist

DEJAVITA is your next purchase, offering artisan crafted jewelry with something for everyone. Their pendants and bracelets let you express your personality in many ways. You can wear them around your wrist on a chain and have a that constant reminder of your dreams close to you. At the end of the day, DEJAVITA offers quality, hand crafted jewelry that allows you to express your pains, gains and dreams with unique items all made in the beautiful city of Los Angeles. I have a few of my favorites below if you’d like to see what’s in my cart currently. I personally am drawn to their Heart + Soul collection because the collection captures the heritage and free spirit of Southern California and it’s people.

Make sure to check out DEJAVITA below and don’t forget to connect with us on our Instagram and Twitter all to tell us your thoughts.



Our mission is to make well-crafted, high quality jewelry that means something. We put an emphasis on details and always mix some history into our modern interpretations.

We believe that symbols are the story of experience. Everything we create has to mean something to us.

Our jewelry is meant to represent life’s journey — the struggles, the dreams, and the triumphs. We want you to wear our pendants and bracelets as a reminder of what it means to be who you are, how you got there, and where you’re going.

We use the lost wax casting method for all of our pieces. Once the pieces are cast, the real labor of love begins. We use a variety of patinas, acids, oils and waxes, and hand polishing to bring out the details. There is much handwork to bring each piece to life. It is this attention to detail that keeps our work truly artisan.

We believe in keeping jobs in the USA. We design and manufacture in downtown Los Angeles, our hometown base.

You can find our jewelry online at www.dejavita.com and in the downtown LA Arts District, at our DVHQ Lifestyle store.