Cruel N Revolve Clothing Review

Greg Reynoso Journalist

Apparel reviews are back, finally. Circa 2012-2013, reviews ranging from sneakers to streetwear were a weekly occasion. First up to be reviewed for 2017 is Cruel N Revolve Clothing, an up and coming apparel brand from Los Angeles, California.

Let’s begin talking about the Cruel N Revolve Clothing item that Chris, the owner, sent over for review. I received their Elephant Circle tee in white. The very first thing you’ll notice is the branded artwork on the front side of the tee. The choice of colors count as a win for this tee, and the gold and red accents complete a somewhat vintage theme. The theme of this tee is reminiscent of the classic car culture found deeply embedded in the roots of Los Angeles, offering clean gold and red lettering, akin to pin striping.

The tee itself is 100% cotton, and does not seem to be pre-shrunk. There’s no tag found, which is great. You’ll notice below that the tee offers a printed tag that includes sizing and care instructions. Taking a wild guess as to what the weight of the tee is, I would guess somewhere around 5.5oz. It’s not thin, but it’s also not too thick. The weight of a tee is something that can determine how often I wear it, and if I plan to purchase more in the future. Although the cotton is not ultra-soft, this tee is very soft and comfortable nonetheless. As for the overall fit of this tee, I can only praise. Chris sent me over a large, which after one cold wash and one dry later, I find the fit to hold true. It’s worth mentioning that this tee offers a long fit. Long, not tall. This is great because even after post-wash shrinkage, the tee will continue to fit great.

I would recommend checking out Cruel N Revolve Clothing if you’re looking to pick up a solid new tee. With ideal weight cotton, a soft touch and comfortable fit, you can’t go wrong with this Los Angeles apparel brand. View my overall score below.

Comfortable weight, soft cotton and unique design


Cruel N Revolve is a brand that is originated in Los Angeles, ca. Our brand represents our Culture and where we come from. Cruel N Revolve has influenced and taught us to never give up until your goals are achieved. At Cruel N Revolve, we deliberate that no dream has an age limit. Our brand is proof that anything you pursue is possible. Cruel N Revolve is much more than just a clothing brand. Our Mission is to make a positive impact on the lives of others and give back to the streets where we came from. Let us revolve from this cruel world!

Printed logo, sizing and care instructions

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