Favorite Picks from Magnus Alpha

Greg Reynoso Journalist

Magnus Alpha, the artisan-crafted designer brand that embodies all that there is to appreciate about the Product Of An Immigrant, offers two items from their collection that I have not been able to stop sharing as of late.

First item that has become a personal favorite is their exceptionally hand-crafted POAI MID shoe, an inception shoe constructed with 100% calfskin Caviar leather that provides a unique finish to the upper. Built not just for style, you’ll find lasting comfort with its featured Foam Composite sole. The Magnus Alpha POAI MID shoe is offered in Black, Forest Green, and Vachetta/Natural. Second item to follow is their POAI Backpack, featured in black 100% calfskin Caviar leather to match the upper of their POAI MID shoe. Unzip the bag and you will be greeted with a custom luxury micro suede lining, that when paired with the Italian braid elastic on the outside of the bag, you can’t help but appreciate the craftsmanship and attention to detail. View my favorite picks below.

/magnus/ /ˈalfə/
greatness & dominance

Products Of An Immigrant that tear the barriers of conformity and limitations with pure strength in design and breadth.

Driven by the stories that shaped the fabric of cultures, MAGNUS ALPHA is designed for the diverse chosen who have a universal calling to chart the new normal.

The founders are a circle of diverse individuals of Dominican, Korean and Mexican descent. 

Conceptualized in MMXVI. Designed in Italy and manufactured in Mexico by artisanal craftsman, POAI an acronym for Product Of An Immigrant echoes in all of us as the anthem.

Magnus Alpha
Designer Footwear, Apparel and Accessories