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Tradition from Italy: From Owl

Greg Reynoso Journalist

In 2017, it’s tough to find a modern day startup that’s both, traditional and unique. From Owl, locals of Parma, Italy, home to many traditional dishes we’ve grown to apprecaite, offer a refreshing take on what it means to craft high-quality clothing. Successful startups all share one commonality, having a unique set of values to live by and From Owl encompasses their values into each one of their garments. Check out their story below, as well as my curated picks below. Make sure you connect with us on our Twitter and Instagram to find more great apparel companies like From Owl, and to tell us what you think about this awesome group from Italy.


From Owl is an Italian brand. The first product was designed by Alberto Ziveri & Filippo Tommasini back in 2013. Our company is based in Parma, Italy, a small town famous for Parma Ham, Parmesan cheese and other food-related products. Our products represent our values: tradition, innovation, exclusivity and differentiation.

Our mission is to craft definitively perfect products for your daily adventures, whether it’s a safari in Africa or an informal day at work. Our products are made of the finest natural Italian materials, with a minimalist design and developed with meticulous attention to shape and details. A particular attention is dedicated to the Biodiversity. We aim to produce products in order to preserve the variation of life, such us the “Cornigliese Sheep” which we recovered and started making products with his rare wool.

Our products are designed to be minimalist and detailed at the same time. Minimalism often induces common and basic garments, while too detailed would create complicated but trendy products. Our design is minimalistic but with enough details to make it more unique and less standard, and to keep it timeless.

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Ramberg – Norway Sweater
Tokyo+ Denim Pants
Impossible Monochrome