Unboxing the K-Swiss x GaryVee x Shoe Palace SP25’s

Greg Reynoso Journalist

After picking up two pairs of the K-Swiss x GaryVee 003 Dark Clouds at ComplexCon last month, Gary and K-Swiss team up with Shoe Palace to drop another sneaker, the SP25, which, in my opinion, is one of the cleanest sneakers to drop in 2018. The SP25’s dropped on December 4th, 2018, in limited stock, and this collaboration pays homage to Shoe Palace’s 25th Anniversary, which is why these sneakers are dubbed, SP25. These sneakers can be purchased exclusively on Shoe Palace’s website, for a limited time.


Part of what completes the purchase experience is due in part from the unboxing experience itself. As I cut open the brown delivery box excitedly, I was immediately greeted to a high-gloss, antique white shoe box, with green and red stripes diagonally across the top. Inside, the SP25’s are wrapped in red and black signature “G” tissue, and come with a pair of dark blue laces if you prefer over the antique white laces.


The SP25 is built upon the K-Swiss Donovan, however, completely transformed in antique white leather, joined to an antique white midsole with matching laces. The classic leather K-Swiss stripes that we usually find on the sides have been replaced with subtle 5 stripe stitching, complimenting the plush antique white leather. Inside the shoe, plenty of cushioning around the ankle in a green mesh knit that joins at the top to a red leather accent. On the outer side of the shoe, you’ll find the K-Swiss logo finely stitched in a gold finish, that matches the GaryVee signature “G” stitched on the back of sneaker. The tongue features a green embossed K-Swiss logo, with the GaryVee signature “G” stitched across in a red accent to match the “Shoe Palace” ribbon stitched beneath.

Overall, this is my favorite GaryVee sneaker because of the build quality, and the comfort it provides, given that it features Ortholite Foam Technology. View the SP25’s below.

If you’re looking to pick up a pair of these, you can check out the Shoe Palace website to check availability. Make sure to connect with GaryVee below if you haven’t already, and catch me on Twitter and Instagram to let me know your thoughts on the release.