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Greg Reynoso Journalist

San Diego eyewear brand, Blenders Eyewear, has set a new bar for the sunglass market. It all started with many asking “Where can I find fresh, inexpensive sunglasses?”, this question became the challenge for two college friends in San Diego. A short while later, Blenders Eyewear was born, a small startup from San Diego, California, who answered the call and brought us rad, inexpensive sunglasses with unmatched quality.


To our esteemed people!
Simply put, Blenders Eyewear is solidly built on the sensation of #FeelinGood. It is pride in following your passion. It’s the roar of the jet engines through your body as you launch off on adventures abroad. It’s the electric release of energy when the thundering beat drops. Dance in the street, sing in the shower, and smile whenever you see fit. #FeelinGood is contagious and the only thing better than getting the buzz yourself is spreading it to somebody else. That’s why we award college scholarships because nobody gets #FeelinGood like a student. The fire to do amazing new things is in you and your work inspires us. We want to be a part of your story and cheer your success when your hard work pays off.

Blenders was born in 2012 on the Southern California Coast. We are fueled by the ocean, the culture, and the shot of energy that hums through our little slice of the world. By rocking Blenders you add a dash of our California magic into the mix of your culture and your unique style. We love to make this stuff and we think you will love to wear it. Our door is always open, so come say ‘Hi’ when you visit La Jolla. Cheers to you today and many days ahead #FeelinGood in your Blenders!

Living in Southern California is a love-hate relationship. We have bad traffic, worst drivers and usually in a drought. The love part though, is what makes it all worth it. You can be snowboarding fresh powder in the Morning up in Big Bear, while enjoying a beachside fire with your friends at dusk in Mission Beach. Blenders Eyewear most recently launched an entirely new line of snow goggles. Their trademark style continues onto every pair of goggles, ready to turn heads during that session down the mountain. Press play at the top of this feature to check out their latest snow goggle line, and don’t forget to join us on our Twitter and Instagram and tell us what you think about Blenders Eyewear.