MYGE Clothing Fall/Winter 2018

Greg Reynoso Journalist

Chinese streetwear brand, MYGE Clothing, released a massive forty-nine piece Fall/Winter Collection. Originally discovered at ComplexCon 2017, MYGE became an instant favorite with their complete leisure-wear sets, powerful branding, and our amicable conversation. Watch the MYGE Fall/Winter 2018 video below to view the full collection.

The Chinese streetwear is a rapid growing yet chaotic scene, MYGE gas been stood out and lead a splendor campaign in this since 2007. The focal point of MYGE has always been on “the youth”and”culture”. It speaks out with original graphics and classic silhouette.

Always pushing boundary and testing ideas is the way how MYGE nurture itself to become something greater.

MYGE Fall/Winter 2018 Collection
Release Date
September 19, 2018
MYGE Clothing
Fall/Winter 2018