New Clothing Tuesdays: Dreamers Clothing

Greg Reynoso Journalist

We’re back for a much needed dive into our New Clothing Tuesdays segments. This week we feature CR Mag alumni brand Dreamers Clothing based out of Richmond, VA. The brand has been previously featured in September of 2011 and recently this year in January 2013. Dreamers is an independent apparel brand offering tees, tanks headgear and more for both guys and ladies.

Dreamers Clothing recently launched their Summer ’13 line on June 28th. Their latest drop consist of one new tank and four new tees for guys, one being a custom cut & sew bandana print sleeve tee. Along with the four new tees, the drop has two floral print snapback hats, one strapback with black python detailing on the brim and strap, along with a brass buckle to keep it secured. Make sure to check out the drop below and help support independent business by sharing and picking up some new gear!


Dreamers Clothing is a line inspired by any and every great
dreamer of our time. It’s about pursuing your dreams, whatever they may
be whatever the cost. Paying homage to histories greats who have showed
us to follow no one.

Wrong or right we have to follow our own path. This is the lifestyle
for anyone who never gave up on what they believed in. For those who
never folded to conformity, we are the rebels, revolutionaries, and
renaissance men.

Every person has a dream, but it is those who don’t give up on them,
who are the Dreamers.