Private Label Sling Bag

Greg Reynoso Journalist

If you have ever attended an industry trade show, you know they are full of startups and young Entrepreneurs grinding to get their product on your back, on your feet, or on your head. The first industry event I attended was Complex’s 2017 ComplexCon in Long Beach, California last November. While browsing around at ComplexCon I visited Private Label, a brand that I had never heard of prior who had a fresh lineup of sneaker duffles and various travel accessories to offer. Now, I wouldn’t consider myself a sneakerhead, however I do have a slight obsession with quality crafted travel gear and packs.

The name Private Label should sound familiar, and if not, they have been producing high quality travel and lifestyle accessories out of New York for roughly 2 years now, not to mention their long list of notable collaborations. With waist bags/fannies on the rise for some time now, i’ve been wanting to pick one up but wasn’t having much luck finding a bag that offered quality and practicality for my intended use. When I noticed that Private Label released their oversized Waist/Sling Bag, I had to pick one up to see what was good. I ordered their black sling bag, although I was torn between black and their Navy color option. Once the sling bag arrives, i’ll be shooting an unboxing video and uploading it to YouTube, so make sure to be one of the first to subscribe and turn on notifications so you don’t miss that drop. You can check out the Private Label sling bag I ordered below.


Private Label Waist/Sling Bag Front
Private Label Waist/Sling Bag Open
Private Label Waist/Sling Bag

Make sure to check out Private Label, especially if you’re a traveling sneakerhead. Don’t forget to connect with me on Instagram and Twitter to let me know what you think of this pickup.


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