The Norwood Hoodie from Norwood Chapters

Greg Reynoso Journalist

Los Angeles born premium streetwear brand, Norwood Chapters, offers a handful of outerwear pieces that you need to consider. Norwood Chapters outerwear collection consists of eight pieces ranging from my personal favorite, their Norwood Hoodie, to their Packing List Enclosed Hoodie that we saw Quavo Huncho wearing. All Norwood Chapters garments feature materials and original character that is as unique, as it is refreshing. Check out their Norwood hoodie below.

Norwood’s designer and creative director was born in Paris, France, and arrived to the US at a very young age. Drawing upon his affinity for youth suburban culture and love for the city of Angels, Norwood’s designer wishes to remain unknown so that, he may have the brand and its representation of urban culture remain pure- without diluting it.
The love for Rock N Roll, Punk Rock, HipHop, Skateboarding, Sports and diverse ethnic cultures, has encompassed what Norwood is all about.
Norwood was created and founded in 2017 on the principles that NO labels are the ONLY labels. NOR is not for the cool people, it’s for ALL people, it’s an exclusive house party that everyone is invited to. This Los-Angeles born and made brand combines luxury street aesthetic with timeless quality textiles to deliver a unique streetwear wardrobe. The influences of punk rock and hiphop are evident in Norwood’s designs. Featuring premium materials, clean-lined cuts, bold graphics, and unexpected character details, Norwood’s range of essential t-shirts French terry hoodies, lounge wear and denim convey a perfect amount of casual refinement with streetwear. All Norwood production is Los Angeles based.

Norwood Chapters
Norwood Hoodie