Session Goods bongs, pipes and accessories

Session Goods Created Our New Favorite Bong and Pipe

Greg Reynoso Journalist
Session Goods bongs, pipes and accessories
Session Goods bongs, pipes and accessories

What started as what some would call a “high idea,” you know which type of idea that I’m referring to, that brilliant thought that comes to you after you’ve enjoyed your favorite, sticky, smelly vice, four friends thought up the idea to challenge what a bong a pipe can offer.

Founded in 2017 by four friends, Session Goods offers a collection of essential smoking accessories that offer a sophisticated design and look that redefines how you experience your favorite vice. Designed to create an exceptional smoking experience, Session Goods bridges practicality and beautiful design with their “designer” collection of products.

While I consider myself more of a hash connoisseur when I am by myself, I enjoying smoking potent, sticky, smelly flower when I am with a group of friends. There’s something special about experiencing a cultivar with your favorite people. Personally, I’m all for practicality, so I normally default to grabbing a pack of pre-rolled hemp cones and pack them up with my favorite flower as I go, not smoking out of glass very often.

When Session Goods asked if I would like to experience their line of “designer” glass bongs and pipes, I was excited at the opportunity to finally have my first piece of glass that didn’t look criminal. Like some of you reading this, I have always purchased my glass at a local smoke shop, purchasing a poorly made product that I’m not proud showing off to others.

Session Goods mailed me their “Starter Kit,” which they claim is everything you need to get started enjoying your vice, whether you prefer to enjoy while at-home or on-the-go.

Session Goods bongs, pipes and accessories

My Session Goods starter kit included the following products:

  • Glass Bong
  • Cleaning Caps
  • Silicone Accessories
  • Mouth Cover
  • Large Bowls
  • Small Bowls
  • Downstems
  • Glass Pipe
  • Silicone Pipe Sleeve
  • Glass One Hitter
  • Stash Pods
  • Stash Tubes
  • Cleaning Solution

This inclusive kit ships for $276, which costs less than if you were to purchase a glass bong and pipe similar in quality from a smoke shop. If you’re considering what to get from Session Goods, their starter kit is packed with value, and is what I recommend to purchase from the brand if you’re searching for a new collection.

Favorite takeaways

After using my glass bong, pipe, and cleaning solution for the past few days since receiving them, I concluded which features I enjoy the most from the Session Goods product line that makes the brand stand apart from others.

High quality

The caliber of quality of the Session Goods bong exceeded my expectations for a bong with a price point of $120. Their website mentions that the glass bong is made of 4mm thick, borosilicate glass that provides its high-quality build and feel. Let me tell you, this glass bong feels premium. The silicone footer offers protection and practicality, doubling as a glass protector for the bong, while serving as a guided recommendation for filling the water, and hiding unsightly water. The same high caliber of quality is found on the glass pipe, featuring 2.5mm thick, borosilicate glass, that’s large enough to enjoy few tokes, yet small enough to carry on-the-go.

Easy to clean

This is a big one for me. I don’t want my sesh’ to feel like a chore, having the ability to quickly clean my Session Goods bong and pipe is a big win. That leads me to their bong cleaning solution, made of a proprietary isopropyl alcohol-based solution that was able to remove any build up caused by infrequent cleanings. Like I mentioned, I consider myself more a hash connoisseur, and a weeks-worth of wax build up in my rig stood zero chance against a vigorous shake with their cleaning solution.

Value for money

Considering that you receive 13 products for $276 when ordering their starter kit, you can’t argue value for money when ordering this kit. Stepping back and considering value for money when purchasing individual items from their collection, Session Goods exceeded my expectations again. You won’t be able to purchase a glass bong that delivers the same caliber of quality, ease of use, and beautiful design at this price point.

Should you get one?

If you’re like me, and don’t want to turn your sesh’ into a chore, I would recommend Session Goods products because of their exceptional quality, ease of cleaning, and value for money.