Michelle Clark Former Contributor

Welding is not an easy skill, it takes times, practice and dedication. Jay Lockett got started with the craft about nine years ago. He was working on a personal car project and needed to get some exhaust work done, but didn’t want to pay for it. One of his buddies had a 1970’s TIG welder and Jay started on his project.

After landing a job as a welder, he started playing around on his downtime, and found himself welding a rose at work and giving it to someone as a gift. He kept making these metal roses and currently sells them at craft shows and for weddings.

It’s a unique gift. People love buying them as gifts for loved ones or as anniversary gifts.

He is in the middle of making stainless steel Tulips in addition to his rose, red and silver roses. On a personal note, I want some. Something that is skillfully handcrafted, and not manufactured brings it’s own worth to a style. And honestly, what girl wouldn’t want a rose that can last forever?

I love with what I can create with my hands I can make people happy; watching their faces light up with excitement on what they had envisioned is the best. I like the variety of my work, from making roses to welding up a pipe for a commercial customer. As long as the customer is happy with the work and I can exceed their expectations, then I know I created something that will be cared for.