Jesse D Poole

Jesse D Poole Offers Techniques To Tackle Challenges and See Success

Greg Reynoso Journalist

Multifaceted creator and entrepreneur Jesse D Poole offers techniques to tackle challenges and see success in his recently released and self-published book, Hustle Overrated, available to read on Amazon Kindle or order as an Amazon Paperback. In his latest self-published book, Jesse questions what many are missing, while offering techniques to help tackle the challenges encountered within entrepreneurship and small business ownership. After working in construction for 13 years, Jesse had decided he was tired of being beat down and made not just a career change, but also an industry change where he found a way that he could offer more value to others while not beating his body down any further. Jesse went on to form a creative agency with his wife now called Poole Media Co. located in Natchitoches, Louisiana where he is able to take his passion and interests to help his clients navigate and overcome challenges faced within their businesses. When asked about what motivated him to write and release a book on this topic specifically, Jesse shared:

Hustle Overrated Cover
Hustle Overrated Available on Amazon

I wanted to dive into something that wasn’t being talked about much. I see all the talking heads of my time telling everyone to go get it and hustle, almost relentlessly, and few that are talking about taking breaks from the daily grind. I’ve always felt that my mental health comes first. Throughout the years, no matter what I was doing I’ve had days where I just said “fuck it” because I needed to step away from whatever it was I had been working on. Taking time to step back and reflect on what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and what you hope to accomplish I feel is part of the hustle. So while it’s a damn great word for the current zeitgeist of our generation- it’s overrated, overused, and without taking time for yourself, I feel can lead to burnout in some people.

Jesse is active on social media, answering questions and offering insight to small business owners and entrepreneurs in need of guidance. Keep up with all that Jesse brings to motion by checking out his website where you can find his latest projects at jessedpoole.com.