Arthur Funkarelli: Surf Rock For The Soul

Canada’s favorite ska-rock maniacs, Arthur Funkarelli doesn’t make music for fame. They make music simply to feel thunderous volts of pure rock and roll coursing through their veins.

An eclectic bunch, one thing’s for sure, Arthur Funkarelli knows how to have fun. Their new album, Waves, packs punch after punch of ska-influenced rock and roll, and their high energy live shows are matched by few.

The title track to the album and first single, “Waves”, is an instant alt-rock hit meant to catch the ears of ska fans around the globe. It’s crisp, clear, funky and could easily become the next surfer anthem.

Arthur Funkarelli’s hard work, dedication to their craft and sheer passion for rocking sets Arthur Funkarelli apart from other artists crowding today’s music scene. It’s only a matter of time before their music finds its permanent home in the hearts of many surfers crowding Southern California’s shores. Pick up Waves by Arthur Funkarelli here.