Christy Angeletti Is Tough, Sexy & Talented

Christy Angeletti is an entertaining contemporary artist with a great set of pipes and the knowhow to get you out of your chair. Her music sends out catchy vibes that can only accurately be described as “edgy”.

The singer, originally from Columbus, Ohio, began singing at churches when she was just a girl. Soon enough, Angeletti was recording her very own music at big time studios in Nashville and opening for top-notch major headlining acts.

Angeletti’s new single, “Tough Enough”, is the perfect sampling of her alluring, kickass brand of alternative pop-rock. Not only is it incredibly sexy, but it’s also tastefully seductive. “Tough Enough” has that tantalizing Nashville twang to it, reminiscent of a dolled up, more modern Shania Twain.

Committed to being a star, Angeletti is a passionate artist who will stop at nothing until she’s carried out her dreams, and “Tough Enough” is the first step towards getting her there. Listen to “Tough Enough” on Facebook.