Comfort Zone with Kiplemore and NEDJA

Greg Reynoso Journalist

Every release by Kiplemore has been a hit, and today he releases a new collaboration track titled Comfort Zone with NEDJA, a Norwegian singer and songwriter. Kiplemore took the spotlight with the release of Fish Love (With Aligo)and laid down his own vocals on the WeekendThis new release by Kiplemore featuring NEDJA offers a soulful, feel-good vibe which makes it the next add to your weekend playlist. Click the play button above to stream Comfort Zone here, and if you’re an Apple Music subscriber you can add the track by clicking .

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The track “Comfort Zone” is a soulful experience created by Kiplemore and NEDJA, two up and coming Norwegian Artists. The new track combines NEDJA’s raspy, soulful voice with Kiplemore’s playful electronica inspired production.


Whether he is only producing or laying his vocals on his craft, Marcus Ottesen aka Kiplemore (19) makes sure to challenge his listeners. He is inspired by the genres such as electronica, hip hop, RnB and pop.

Kiplemore is a very versatile artist that creates a unique atmosphere through his music. However, he is not only obsessed about his music, but also his visual expression, which he handles by himself. Kiplemore is a true Artist who has a lot to express to the world.


NEDJA (born April 19, 1997) is a multicultural Artist with roots from Northern Africa and Scandinavia based in Oslo, Norway. She started her career in 2015 as the lead vocalist in a Norwegian indie pop band. In 2016 they received a Phat Cat scholarship, and was later on signed to the Norwegian song-writer and producer Thomas Eriksen’s label “Nuud Music” the same year.

In 2017 NEDJA chose to go solo to experiment more with different genres and languages. As an Artist, NEDJA is focused on capturing emotions and vibes using words and poems that she incorporates to music.