From Berlin, With Love – Danny Lito’s Wild Mix Of Ingredients Makes A Tasty Cocktail

Gilroy Osbourne Journalist

If Bossa Nova And The Gorillaz had a love child, they would have named it Danny. Somewhere between jazzy guitars, modern drums and 80s synthesizers, the Berlin-based artist is writing songs about love, life and leaves. 

It’s a frankly unusual variety of topics you can find on the songs he officially released to this date. With the follow up to his debut EP ‘Blurry Notes’ highly anticipated by fans and followers across the globe, we currently have to settle for clicking repeat on his previous releases.

The young songwriter couldn’t be more authentic. Whether it’s about love, dreams, cars or his smoking habits (‘Hit it‘) – Danny Lito is refreshingly unfiltered and genuine.

His casual delivery mixes with jazz chord progressions that separate from the typical pop sound of today. Despite a touch of 80s synthesizers and a George Michael-esque vocal range, his sound is everything but retro. It much rather fuses to a genre breaking mix of influences, that doesn’t shy away to merge modern R’n’B drum sounds with old school songwriting skills. 

There’s surely pleasant parallels to the London underground star King Krule in his modern approach to jazz and lo-fi touches on the completely self-produced repertoire. But his nonchalant delivery and funky bass lines awaken memories of The Gorillaz in their prime. A hot mix, and one that leaves plenty of space and possibilities in the future.

There is no doubt that Danny Lito’s sound is going to keep developing, as he is working on his next body of work.

‘Dark Gloomy Cell’ was Danny Lito’s first dreamy single released through Nice Guys Records.

For those who follow his social media, might have noticed the young artist and his surrounding have been sharing rare insights from the studio lately. We reached out to Lito to have confirmation – and yes, he is currently working on new music.

But that’s also about as much as he was willing to reveal at this point of time. The artist, that has the lucks to succeed as a fashion model besides his creative outlet as a musician, is relatively quiet on his social media channels.
Again, something that separates him from the majority of today’s entertainment scene.

With no live events in the near future, there is plenty of time for songwriting

Nonetheless, the born entertainer is surely looking forward to the time when playing live in front of audiences will be possible again. The creative industry is amongst those who have suffered hardest from the global crisis and can only hope for things to change soon in order to recover. In the meanwhile, we are putting our focus and money on the artists that prove to adapt to these challenging times and translate it into creativity, and are highly anticipating the next releases.

It will be interesting to see whether Danny Lito, who had released his last creative outcome through the Bordeaux, France- based label Nice Guys, is going to stick with the indie-team, or whether he will be looking to walk new ways. Whatever he decides to do, we are ready for new music!