DJ Mirzaaghazadeh

DJ Mirzaaghazadeh And His Rise To The Top

Paul Hernandez Contributor
DJ Mirzaaghazadeh
DJ Mirzaaghazadeh

With music, you get to experience the power of emotion. There’s no one who understands that better than hitmaker DJ Mirzaaghazadeh. What started out as a cathartic journey ended up helping millions of listeners across the world. That is the force that DJ Mirzaaghazadeh brought along to the world of music.

During a low point, DJ Mirzaaghazadeh began to shut people out, allowing nobody to get close enough to offer help or support. But surprisingly, one friend managed to break down those walls. How? With a simple gesture – he put together a “bounce back” mix for DJ Mirzaaghazadeh. That is when DJ Mirzaaghazadeh saw it all – through music, you can say a million compelling words without saying anything at all. That’s when things became clear. DJ Mirzaaghazadeh wanted to help give a voice to those who didn’t have one.

DJ Mirzaaghazadeh realized the power one can wield if they have the knack of putting together sound and lyrics that marry well. The realization dawned that the right kind of music gets people talking. The right kind of music gets people thinking. The right kind of music can cause a revolution.

DJ Mirzaaghazadeh notes that music carries emotions that we all have buried deep in our hearts but are afraid to show. Through music, our raw emotions come to the surface, helping us communicate more effectively. The times might have changed mixes to playlists, but the response to music remains the same as it was back then – it was and still is a tool of expression.

For him, music means producing sounds and lyrics that can rearrange the listener’s world for the better. There are only a handful of artists that have managed to become such a shining beacon of hope for the music industry. And DJ Mirzaaghazadeh’s fans proudly state that their favourite artist occupies a well-deserved place in that coveted list.