Nelson Beer in 2021 - (C) Andrea Montano

Electronic Musician Nelson Beer Releases New Track “Vesper” Out Now

Greg Reynoso Journalist

Electronic musician and composer Nelson Beer recently announced a brand new track titled “Vesper” out now through [PIAS] Recordings. Lifted from his EP “Orlando”, Nelson Beer delivers a splash into abstract electronica. Nelson explains that his latest release “Vesper” is a story about two characters of Greek mythology who some say could be the same person. This latest single from the Swiss musician may serve as a relatable story for some, living in an abstract world where we drown out our wins with our failures.

 Nelson Beer elaborates more on his latest single “Vesper” below.

Vesper is about two people (Hesperos & Phosphoros in the Greek mythology). There’s a folkloric saying that they might even be the same person. In this way, song is some sort of schizophrenic ballad; two voices telling each other what they need, how they need it and why. This forms a liminal space where both of them exist but none of them listens.

He goes on to add:

The Orlando EP is about listening, especially to things around us. It’s about allowing objects and spaces to speak to us and tell us more about ourselves, where they are, how we impact them and why it’s important that we listen. It’s an odd place where we are in between things: between pop and sound design, between dance and ambient, between noise and harmony. It’s almost paralysing at times but the movement these contradictions provide shakes the structure.

Nelson Beer is a Swiss composer and musician based between Paris, France and Geneva, Switzerland who continues to deliver exceptional eletronica. Watch the official music video for Nelon’s latest single “Vesper” below via YouTube.