Exclusive – Masochist by E. Alvin

Greg Reynoso Journalist

Emerging Artist, E. Alvin, just landed on our radar last month with our feature on his track F.O. Last weekend in my feature of E.Alvin, I had mentioned that we teamed up with E. Alvin to bring an exclusive Worldwide release of his upcoming track, Masochist. We’ve been patiently waiting all week for this release by E. Alvin, the young and talented dark-pop Musician from Connecticut and we’re happy to bring you this exclusive collaboration release.

You can find this new release on E.Alvin’s official Soundcloud as well as on Spotify. You can grab Masochist on Spotify below or if you’re an Apple Music subscriber, you can easily stream Masochist by clicking here to launch the track in Apple Music or iTunes.

Connect with E. Alvin below and tell us what you thought of Masochist by catching us on our Instagram and Twitter.


E. Alvin
Dark Pop artist
From: Connecticut
Age: 21

I started with covers and had quickly lost the interest in singing other peoples’ music. It wasn’t liberating and it certainly wasn’t creative enough for me to benefit artistically. My first E. P, MIDAS was a collection of songs I had written throughout the span of two years.
What I’ve come to understand is, in order to create anything worth creating, it needs to be fueled by likeminded individuals. The new music is heavily focused on that. It’s about cutting ties, reconnecting with your roots, and embracing the things that some people may find intimidating.
Masochist is heavily focused on old friendships, old pain. It’s about eliminating the addiction to abusive relationships and taking back what you so effortlessly sacrificed.
I use heavy synth in a lot of my music because I want my sound to have weight. I have always gravitated towards movie scores, especially old horror movies from the 80’s. John Carpenter was a heavy inspiration in a lot my sounds. I really try and hone in on sounds I would want to hear in music today. Whatever I’m feeling will be said and I think that’s the beauty about songwriting.
The new wave of music is a bit more put together and has a definite body. And although the themes have a dark approach, there is a bit of light in the words I’m saying. I’m personally healing through my own music and hopefully I can help others heal, too.