‘Hands Of Time’ by Lili K. Feat. The WHOevers

Greg Reynoso Journalist

Chicago duo, theWHOevers, just recorded a smooth new track with Lili K., a Chicago native and soul musician. The latest track out of Chicago is titled ‘Hands Of Time’ that carries the unique hip-hop; jazzy sound that the duo is known for. theWHOevers have been hard at work with their own solo tracks and collaborations with other local music artist. With 2013 just underway, we are already hearing the great music from this duo and should definitely keep our ears open. Lili K. is a musician we have yet to hear about before this track, however now that we’ve been exposed, you can keep an eye out as she will be featured in the coming future. Check out the official music video below and share with all your friends.

Working with theWHOevers was great, as a creative process it flowed so easily. It’s awesome to make music with other artists that you have respect for,” says Lili. “I’m excited whenever we perform, because my band and I get to jam out as a group of friends, and it’s beautiful to share that love for music with people who appreciate it.