Kiplemore – Fish Love (With Aligo)

Greg Reynoso Journalist

Kiplemore, the talented young producer from Oslo, Norway has done it again. Kiplemore recently collaborated with next-level Hip-Hop Artist, Aligo, a native of Montreal, Canada. The two young creatives masterfully created the latest single from Kiplemore titled “Fish Love”. I’ve been listening to Fish Love for about a week by now, and I can’t help but feel good every time it plays. The two compliment each other in a way that you do not hear very often. Fish Love offers just the right amount of unique perfection from Kiplemore, and just the right amount of poetic-flow from Aligo. Simply put, this release needs to be added to your playlist now, and if subscribe to Apple Music you can download it now. If you don’t have access to stream Fish Love through Apple Music, click the play button above to steam via Soundcloud.

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Fish Love is a metaphor about selfish love, how almost everyone seems to be looking for someone who make themselves feel good, to find a person who makes them feel less alone. We are self-centered, as we search for love to please ourselves. To have this message pierce through the song, it had to be performed great both musically and lyrically. Therefore, it was an easy choice to choose the Canadian rapper Aligo to do just that.”


Personally, I am a big fan of rappers who puts their soul and heart in their lyrics, and Aligo is definitely one of those who exactly does that.

Aligo masterfully blends metaphors with great storytelling, which made him the perfect artist to collaborate with and interpret the vision I have for ‘’Fish Love”.


Oslo based rapper Aligo, is born and raised in Montreal, Canada. Last November he released his debut single ‘’The Outlet’’, the song was met by exceptional reviews by critics, which accumulated his first appearance at Red Bull Sound Select in Norway.