London Based Artist Lu.Ci Releases New Alternative-Pop Single Titled “Control”

Greg Reynoso Journalist

Last week, London based singer-songwriter, poet and musician, Lu.Ci, released a brand new alternative-pop single titled “Control“. This brand new release from the London based singer-songwriter arrives as a follow up to her debut single “Girl You Used To Know” that released October 2020. This brand new release from Lu.Ci is the culmination of being physically and emotionally controlled, sharing a message of hope for others who may be treading familiar waters. Lu.Ci shares more depth behind her brand new single “Control” below.

All my music and lyrics come from a very real, first hand experience. I had
written Control during the first lockdown and even though I was confined physically,
emotionally it was the first time I had felt completely free. I hope that those listening
in similar situations will take a message of hope, empowerment and positivity from
my music and understand that there is a way out. You can be free to be yourself.

Lu.Ci on “Control”

Lu.Ci’s latest release is a message of positivity, empowerment and hope, while certainly creating anticipation for what the London based singer-songwriter, poet and musician releases next. Personally, I enjoy the combined sounds and creativity throughout this track. This track offers alternative-pop with an added splash of acid-grunge for a truly unique release. Stream Lu.Ci’s brand new release below via Spotify.