Singer-songwriter Luke Kanipe / Dear Me

Los Angeles Singer-Songwriter Luke Kanipe Releases Remake to “How Did We End Up Like This”

Greg Reynoso Journalist

Los Angeles native Luke Kanipe, also known by his pseudonym “Dear Me”, released a new remake to a song that he released back in 2019 with band September Stories. Mostly known for his collaboration work, this all-new remake dubbed “How Did We End Up Like This” dawns an intimate and relatable theme that can be felt throughout, while adding a twist, Kanipe mentions. This new release carries a heavy body and finishes as memento of a faded relationship, serving as a personal remembrance for the singer-songwriter.

This is is a remake to a song I made in 2019 with the band September Stories, that song reached 700k and became my biggest song to date and I
wanted to do something special and put to artists that I personally listen to all the time on
it, to me this song is about a person that just made me feel lonely and not good enough
and just lead me on for a very long time, we use to stay up and talk about how it’s weird
to be alive and now we don’t talk at all, I think Laeland and Solace put a absolute twist
on this song and I love their outlook on the song also”

Luke Kanipe / Dear Me on “HDWEULT”
Singer-songwriter Luke Kanipe / Dear Me
Singer-songwriter Luke Kanipe / Dear Me

The Los Angeles singer-songwriter decided on his pseudonym “Dear Me”, sharing that each track he releases serves as small note to himself, earning “Dear Me” the name to move forward with. Connect with Luke by following him on Twitter and Instagram. Stream this fun and relatable track via Spotify below.