“Lose Control” by Moibandaa Gives a Glimpse of The Artists Budding Music Career

Paul Hernandez Contributor

If you haven’t heard “Lose Control” by Moibandaa, then your playlist is incomplete regardless of what platform you use to stream music. This single is quickly becoming a fan favorite and makes you want to listen to it on repeat. With a catchy beat, the song uplifts the mood of those who are listening. Moibandaa is quickly rising to fame, as he is approaching one hundred thousand followers on his Instagram platform. 

The journey for the young artist hasn’t been easy, he gives credit to hard work, dedication, those around him and most importantly God for where he is today. Moibandaa tells us that “the last few years haven’t been easy at all for me. There were days where I didn’t want to do anything and I felt lost. I took time away from everything, and used that time to reflect and find a way into the light. Nothing I have today was handed to me nor did it come easy. I have to work extremely hard to be here, and endured many sleepless nights, comments from people and heartache. However, I tried my best to maintain composure and focus on the things I can control, which is showing up and trying my best.” 

Being from Leicester, England and travelling around the world living in different countries, Moibandaa has always been surrounded by a rich culture of music. Moibandaa states that he “grew up listening to various types of music, and it really just depended on what mood I was in on that day. It was always interesting to me to see how artists from different genres use their voices and instruments to express their thoughts and emotions. This was something that always made me gravitate towards music. Music is a pivotal part of society and it truly is a blessing to be able to create art and have fun while doing it.” 

Moibanda has also been in the studio with several artists such as Sneakz, Cam Wess, Damino Saints, Tyler Pauley, NSG and more. He says he has learned a lot from these artists and picked up valuable lessons that he can apply to his own music. Moibandaa is definitely a rising force in the music industry, and people should keep a close eye on him. Feel free to follow him on Instagram @moibandaa and listen to his hit single “Lose Control” on Spotify at the link HERE.