Multi-Faceted Artist Michael Mayo Flaunts His Craft On new “sweetie (Remix)”

Paul Hernandez Contributor

Award-winning Connecticut -based singer-songwriter, actor, and producer Michael Mayo has just released his latest track “sweetie – Remix” featuring .irg , Andrew Narvaez, and Elevate. It’s nothing short of a masterpiece.

His aesthetic is on display here as it smoothly drips of soft lo-fi beats. It blurs the line between urban pop and R&B with its softly soothing melodies and infectious pop-influenced rhythms.
Michael has spawned national and international acclaim, deals, and remixes. Michael Mayo has amassed over 600,000 plays on a remix to his song “Hope” on youtube which is one of his most popular songs to date

The music world made an undying imprint on Michael Mayo when he discovered his purpose and realized his power to create nuanced and engaging songs, It was at that moment he realized the robust arsenal of music he had in his toolkit– Mayo knew he had to give it back to the masses. Michael Mayo feels that music goes beyond a universal language and has the ability to bring people together in profound ways. Music surpasses cultures, demographics, and eras and has been an essential part of world history, and an essential part of Michaels youth. Fast forward today, his discography garners critical applaud. Michael Mayo has been on 15 editorial playlists and been remixed more than 10,000 times over by over 9000+ artists. In addition, Michael is currently working on an HBO max TV show to air in 2022.

Sweetie (Remix) by Michael Mayo

Like many of his songs, this release defies genre, fusing together a furious flurry of different styles to create something fresh and distinctly his. He shines through his unique style between pop and EDM, that perfectly completes the pop-infused production. The combination of the styles gives “sweetie” an incomparable and addictive signature. This new sweetie remix is totally captivating and contagious! It blends EDM with synth-pop sounds, wild rhythms and epic feelings.

We are instantly attracted into a never-ending dance during which we let go of ourselves. Perfect for your Saturday night and your whole weekend, press play on Spotify.

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