Music Opens The Door To Connecting More Deeply With Your Own Self, Per LA Singer Growinghunter

Paul Hernandez Contributor

If you want an instant mood change, turn on music. It’s no coincidence that medical research has found phenomenal use of music in treatments. From jazz to rap – music is an unassuming weapon that holds tremendous power.

LA hitmaker GrowingHunter explains how you can use that power to your advantage. With music, connect with your inner self and tap into its limitless capabilities.

Empower Your Core

Through music as a channel, you can release your pent-up feelings. Be it the negative ones of anger and anxiety or positive ones like excitement and happiness. Music gives your inner self a voice.

They say that music speaks to you. But GrowingHunter puts forth a groundbreaking theory – it isn’t music that speaks to you. It is your inner self speaking to you using music as a medium. That perfectly sums up why the same melodies and lyrics mean one thing to one person and something entirely different to another.

Create A Therapeutic Environment

Are you whipping up a mouth-watering dish? Gardening on a quiet afternoon? There’s one thing that can enhance the experience. You guessed it – music.

GrowingHunter suggests plugging in your headphones as a relaxing way to turn any activity into a way to reach your core. It is a proven way to bring out your innermost self.

Nourish Your Imagination

Music lets your inner child break free. It does not judge, and it does not restrict.

GrowingHunter says, “On most days, we keep our feelings caged up, not realizing how we’re pushing our deepest self even deeper down.”

Music releases our inner self. Which helps us connect with who we really are.

GrowingHunter asks every person to give music a chance to change their lives for the better. So, go ahead and play some tunes and connect with your inner self!