NDAI Releases First Single off Upcoming EP The Lovers

Greg Reynoso Journalist

Toronto’s very own, NDAI /ˈnedā/, recently released Shadow, the first single off of her upcoming EP The Lovers. NDAI is an up and coming R&B singer/songwriter who embodies a soulful, mesmerizing sound that is reminiscent of all the greats from the earlier, golden age of R&B. NDAI’s upcoming EP, The Lovers, is expected to be a vulnerable, but relatable 6 track release that is penned full of her own recent experiences. Stream her single Shadow below, or by tapping the headphones above.

Born in Toronto, Ontario, NDAI is making a name for herself. The R&B artist’s distinct, soothing and ethereal voice is amplified with her writing style focusing on cadence, paired with the desire to fill the spaces in between the music. She gives the listener a raw and genuine take on the many anecdotes she shares about her life and the lessons she’s had to learn and overcome.

NDAI /ˈnedā/ aims to create art true to herself and her music is no exception, as she explains: “Great art has a certain truth to it. As artists we hold up a mirror to society and weave the words into songs that are simply too difficult to articulate otherwise. It’s a combination of skill, inspiration, and vulnerability, which is the key to honesty. Honesty can only come from a vulnerable place where the ego cannot coexist, it is unpretentious, unadulterated and raw.”

EP Title
The Lovers
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