Portuguese duo Vaarwell Release New EP “Consume & Grow”

Greg Reynoso Journalist

Personally, track 3 from the duo’s “Consume & Grow” EP is on replay, delivering on electro-pop with refined melodies

London based alt-pop Portuguese duo Vaarwell released their latest EP titled “Consume & Grow”, available on Apple Music and Spotify. The alt-pop Portuguese duo return with an intimate 4-track EP exploring the duo’s innermost thoughts. This telling EP from the duo details personal experiences over intricate melodies, slowing down from the duo’s earlier four-track EP, “Early Rise”, released in 2019. Arriving with 4 tracks, this all-new EP from Vaarwell has you wanting more, much more. An intimate electronic masterpiece falling closely to Alina Baraz and electronic producer Galimatias collaborative 2019 EP, “Urban Flora”. Personally, track 3 from the duo’s “Consume & Grow” EP is on replay, delivering on electro-pop with refined melodies. London based duo Vaarwell explains more about working on their latest EP below.

This EP is our first as a duo and it’s definitely the mark of a new chapter for Vaarwell. It was written in between Lisbon and London, and then produced and recorded in the latter during autumn and winter of 2020. London, both through its ambience, weather and music scene, had a huge influence in the EP’s sound and production. ‘Consume & Grow’ is about nurture and care for others, from a sisterly concern and advice giving to a romantic or friendly kind of care and attention.

This was the first time that we wrote all the songs together and in person, whereas before we would mostly work separately – it made a huge difference in our songwriting style and helped us create what we feel is our most cohesive and mature work yet. We were listening to a lot of UK based electronic, eletro-pop and R&B music, with some of our biggest musical influences during the creative process being James Blake, Biig Piig, Låpsley, Arlo Parks and Joy Crookes.

Vaarwell Consume & Grow
Release Date
June 18, 2021
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