Safario Releases Kapiskate

Greg Reynoso Journalist

Less than 1 year ago we featured Norways very own, Safario, when he dropped In the Classroom Making Classics Feat. Zalo, one of the most played tracks in my collection. Safario, the kid from Norway, has been making monumental strides this past year, including the releases of his latest EP, Kapiskate.

Safario’s latest EP Kapiskate, offers 8 tracks beginning with Go! which sets the tone for the next 7 tracks. Every track on this release is great, making it difficult to decide on 1 top pick, however, Feeling Good! and All This Motherfuccing Coffee are the two tracks currently on repeat. To synopsize this release with one word, it would be energized. Check out Safario on Instagram and you will find this same high-energy and originality. Stream the full EP below, or by tapping the headphone icon above.

Make sure to connect with Safario below, and don’t forget to connect with me on Instagram and Twitter to tell me your thoughts on Kapiskate.