Suburban Kid McFly Releases new Album – Grass is Greener

Greg Reynoso Journalist

Suburban Kid McFly released his latest album, Grass is Greener, across all major platforms today. Beginning with the first track and heard throughout, this new release features an experimental sound that is slightly reminiscent of NERD, uniquely reinvented by Suburban Kid McFly, offering nearly one hour of the Kid that we have not heard. Throughout Suburban Kid McFly’s Grass is Greener, you will hear features from friends including, theMIND, Xone White, Jorian and I Am Atreyu. Personal picks off of this release include Hello Miss and Mcfly Girl featuring Xone White, for their feel-good catchy vibe that can be attributed to Matt Audio Dope of Classick Studios who produced, mixed and mastered not only these two tracks, but the full album in its entirety.

As Suburban Kid McFly continues to experiment and find his sound, there is no doubt that he will develop into a force to be reckoned with. Stream the full release below via SoundCloud, and make sure to add Grass is Greener to your library with your preferred streaming service. Make sure to follow Suburban Kid McFly on social, and let tell me your thoughts on this new release by finding me on Twitter.

Release Date
November 25, 2019
Suburban Kid McFly
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