Suburban Kid McFly’s New Single Shoreditch Deserves Your Immediate Attention

Greg Reynoso Journalist

Suburban Kid Mcfly released a new single titled Shoreditch that deserves your immediate attention. This new single by Suburban Kid McFly offers an immediate feel-good vibe once you press play. With hints of the early 2000’s felt throughout the production and melody, this new release from The Kid is exactly what this year needed, and do not get me started about the guitar solo towards the end of the track, played by the talented Elton Tom. I just about tripped while jamming the air guitar. The feel-good vibe felt can be attributed to the track’s Producer, Matt Audio Dope of Classick Studios in Chicago. With Matt Audio Dope behind Suburban Kid Mcfly’s early September release, In My Bag featuring Jorian, Jovi and Xone White, there is no denying the two work well together.

This new single from Suburban Kid McFly arrives just in time to be added to your playlist, with its feel-good vibe sure to brighten any holiday quarantine-blues. Share during your next Zoom call with your friends and family to get everybody moving and playing the air guitar, or maybe that was just myself. Shoreditch is available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music. Press play below to stream Suburban Kid Mcfly’s new single Shoreditch via Spotify.

Suburban Kid McFly Shoreditch
Release Date
November 30, 2020
Suburban Kid McFly
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