Latest EP by C.O.Z.

Greg Reynoso Journalist

Often times when discovering new music, we end up listening our way into a rabbit hole full of great new music. This is great, however, when we end up listening to track after track, we may lose out on hearing other great music. Luckily, we will have Musicians reach out and submit their music for consideration, and that’s how we came across C.O.Z. It only took viewing his latest music video for Like This feat. Glizzy to send him a message back that we wanted to move forward.

C.O.Z. just released his latest EP titled, Success, which is a well-refined production that offers a couple of new favorites including, Success feat. Breana Marin, that has captured more than 3 million streams on Soundcloud. Other favorites from the EP include, Elevator feat. Vidal Garcia, and Like This feat. Glizzy for its high energy, not to mention the outpour of positive feedback it has received from the community. You can stream the entire EP below via Soundcloud, and we’ve included the music video for Like This feat. Glizzy above by clicking the play button.

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