The Early November stream new song

Anthony Galasso Former Contributor

After hearing the cover of “Closing Time” with his tourmates, fans finally get to hear Ace Enders sing a new song with The Early November.

It’s been six years since the NJ natives released their last album. Based on their new single, “A Stain on a Carpet”, it seems The Early November’s upcoming In Currents LP won’t disappoint.

“This song comes from conversations no one ever wants to have but know they have to,” vocalist Ace Enders told Spinner.com. “It addresses the confrontation of a serious and potentially very unpleasant situation that may happen in the future. It’s about being honest and preparing yourself now for something that you may have no control over if or when it does happen.”

Listen to the new single, “A Stain on a Carpet”, here!

Also make sure to pre order In Currents here!