Jason Pendleton

Worlds Of Our Own EP From AMZY

Greg Reynoso Journalist

Music reviews are long overdue. Most recently, I’ve been introduced to a band from Denver, Colorado by the name of AMZY. First impressions with AMZY consisted of a dubious “alright, these guys jam” thought while half-way through listening to Words, to an undeniable “yep, I need to feature these guys” once I had made it through Sorry (Not Sorry).

The versatility that this band offers resonates with their upbeat pop tempo sound, and their unique but modern vibe they have going on. It’s tough to put a finger on, but their sound just works.

Although this is a great release, there is one item that I dislike about Worlds Of Our Own. I dislike that this release only offers five tracks that leave me asking for more. With AMZY now on the radar, I hope that their next release offers a few more tracks than Worlds Of Our Own offers.

As mentioned, with AMZY now on the radar, expect to find more on what’s to come by this talented group. The full release can be streamed below or by pressing the play button above. Make sure to catch us on our Twitter and Instagram to tell us if you’re excited to hear more by AMZY.


“Music is our break from life’s complications.”

AMZY blends rock and modern textures to create a genre all their own. In their music, empathy comes first. Each member’s inner conflicts — from struggles with identity, societal pressures, depression and simply being human — are interlaced between each track. AMZY carved out their place in Denver with detailed live performances that blend passion, humor and heart.

“We put on suits because they make us feel like we’re going to do something great. We put on good live shows because that’s what we think we’d want to see. We’re awkward at times, and goofy often, but we know where we are.”

The on-stage journey of self discovery and finding happiness helps build bridges between genres, sounds and each other.

In 2015, AMZY released their debut EP We Don’t Walk, We Dancewith singles “Five to Midnight.” In 2016, the band released single “Words,” followed by “Sorry (Not Sorry)” in early 2017. A follow-up EP is anticipated later in 2017.